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Creating unfair advantage via personalization at scale.



Marketers have always faced headwinds, but today’s media landscape feels like an especially turbulent flight. If we were to summarize it using an adjective, “complicated” – or a synonymous equivalent – quickly comes to mind. The reality is that it’s easier than ever to reach someone, though it’s never been more difficult to get their attention. The juxtaposition of shrinking attention spans and increased media behaviors paint a portrait of a fragmented battleground, where a war for attentive eyeballs is in its Nth year. But we understand that one weapon to win is by first understanding your audience, and the humans behind the data points, in order to personalize the media journey. We are a modern, integrated media agency that creates effective marketing ecosystems with our client partners. Our team of strategic thinkers, curious planners, data strategists and die-hard buyers obsess over digital, traditional and everything in-between, and we act with agility in order to keep up with our lightspeed industry and service our clients’ changing needs. By combining data, technology and experience, we’re able to understand not only the audiences you are trying to reach, but which touchpoints are best suited to create media that is experienced, not served, to get their attention. Our integrated media services include the following:


Audience and Persona Development Integrated Media Planning Media Strategy Channel Planning Competitive Media Planning Media Negotiations Media Buying Media Optimization Video Investments Linear TV Addressable TV OTT (Over The Top) CTV (Connected TV) Online Video Mobile Video

Programmatic & Data Programmatic & Data Strategy Programmatic Trading Social Organic Social Paid Social Influencer Social Listening Traditional Media OOH / DOOH Streaming Audio Radio Magazine Newspaper Experiential

Performance Media DesignPlatforms Auditing Paid Search E-Commerce E-Tail Activation DTC Activation SEO Site Architecture Consultation Technical Audits Keyword Research On-Page Optimizations Content Strategies Link Building Voice Search Optimization B2B Expertise Dynamic Reporting

Ad Tech Consulting Data Onboarding Data Segmentation Data Activation DMP Management

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